Section 2

Section 2.

  1. The Bible speaks of three heavens! Did you know- The first heaven is where the birds fly [Gen.6:7], the second heaven is in the celestial bodies [Mt.24:29] and the third Heaven is the home of God. [Hebrews 8:1] Where would you like to live forever! [Hopefully With Jesus!
  2. Luke 16:19-31 talks of two places for people to go when they die, Hades, for [unbelievers] and Abraham’s bosom [Paradise] for [believers]. There is a gulf in between the two and neither can cross to the other! Did you know- Jesus said to the thief on the cross? “… today thou shall be with me in Paradise.” Praise God For The Forgiveness of Sin. Lk. 23: 42-43.
  3. The Trinity is very difficult for humans to understand! This much we do know- God the Father, God the Son, Jesus and God the Holy Spirit exist as one! They are One God, each with separate responsibilities and cares! Did you know- There has only been one time, that we know of, throughout all eternity, that the three parts of God have ever been separated, that was at CALVARY, when Jesus washed your sins in His own blood! [Revelation 1:5] Please read Mt. 27:46, Mk.15:34, Lk.23: 44-46, Jn.19:28-30,and Mk.15:33. It was during this time of darkness that God the Father and God The Holy Spirit turned their backs on the SIN Jesus was paying for! The sins of every last person who ever lived! Jesus was the FINAL SACRIFICE for sin and He did it alone! If He’s yours rejoice, if not, and your still alive, Receive Him! John 1:12
  4. There are two important places in the Bible that speak of Michael the Archangel. [Michael is God’s angel in charge of His chosen people Israel!] These two scriptures are Jude 9 and Rev.12:7-12. Angels have “free will” the same as Mankind! Did you know- Michael and Lucifer were angels, Michael a true angel and Lucifer a fallen angel, Satan! Michael will live with God forever in Heaven. Satan will live without God forever in Hell! [Believers in Heaven, unbelievers in Hell]. What’s your choice?
  5. Here are some facts of interest concerning the Bible! Did you know- There are 66 Books in The Bible, 1,189 Chapters, 31,102 Verses and 788,258 Words [KJV.] 40 Writers over a 1500 Year period of Time wrote the Bible! The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, The New Testament in Greek and Aramaic. Psalms is the longest Book, 150 Chapters [songs], 3rd John the shortest Book, The longest verse is Esther 8:9, The shortest verse is John 11:35. The longest word is Mahershalaihashbaz, Isaiah 8:3. Over 100 million copies of the Bible are sold every year. Three of the largest religions in the world claim, at least, part of the Bible: Christianity, Judaism and Islam! The King James Bible [1611] is by far the most revered Bible of all time! The Bible is the best selling Book of all time, over 5 Billion copies! The Gutenberg Bible was the first book to be printed with movable metal type!
  6. Did you know- All believers in the saving power of Jesus have a guardian angel! Yes, it’s true, read Hebrews 1:14!
  7. Did you know- Jesus was a firm believer in fasting and prayer during His earthly ministry! Read Matthew 4:1-11. When the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tested [tempted] by Satan, Jesus would spend 40 days and 40 nights fasting and praying! He would get very hungry! Why is this important? Satan will always attack at what he considers to be the greatest weakness! How did Jesus defend Himself against the Devil? WITH SCRIPTURE! That’s what we need when were tempted to sin! Read Duet.8:3, Duet.6:16 and Duet.16:13.