Section 6

Section 6 [Men]

  1. Joshua means “The Lord is Salvation and/or Jehovah Saves”!         Did you know- Joshua was 90 years old when Moses passed the leadership to him. Joshua and Caleb were the only men who lasted the complete 40 year wilderness journey! He died at 110 years, Read Joshua 24. 
  1. Did you know- Mark was the youngest of the Gospel writers and his Gospel was written first. It is obvious when reading Mark that he was greatly influenced by Elijah, Peter and The Holy Spirit of God, pretty good company to keep! [Wikipedia and The Gospel of Mark]
  1. God teaches us amazing facts we somehow overlook! Did you know- God is not a respecter of a person’s status! Case in point: The Magi, [wise men] very high status, and, Shepherds, very low status, were both welcomed at the Birth of Christ! Everyone is welcomed to ask, knock or seek Jesus! Read Matthew 2 and Luke 2. Also, Mt.7:7
  1. Abraham shows an unbelievable faith in God when asked to sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Moriah! Did you know- Abraham didn’t try to change God’s mind about sacrificing Isaac, NOT ONE WORD! There is nothing said from Sarah about it either! [Did she know?] What is quite obvious is Abraham had a TOTAL trust in the Will of God! How would you react to sacrificing your son or daughter? Read Genesis 22.
  1. Moses was a dynamic figure of a man of God! Did you know- When Moses was a baby the Pharaoh wanted to kill him! When Moses killed the Egyptian who was assaulting a Hebrew, Pharaoh wanted to kill him! When Moses and Aaron caused the plagues [With God’s Help!], Pharaoh wanted to kill him! When Moses and Israel were crossing the sea, Pharaoh wanted to kill him! My point is this- Moses was protected by God before the foundations of the world, if you belong to God He will always protect you! Read Exodus 14. 
  1. King Solomon became King after David! Solomon’s name means peaceful! In his 39 years Israel became a prominent country in the Mid-East! Did you know- The greatest accomplishment of Solomon was not building the Temple, but asking God for WISDOM!                     Read 1 Kings 3: 1-14 Solomon, sadly, fell away from God’s Will!
  1. Jesus spent much of His earthly life around the Sea of Galilee. The people who lived there were considered “hicks”, people who worked with their hands in nature, today’s “bumkin people”! Those who fished for a living were tough, strong and sometimes undisciplined! Did you know- these were the very people Jesus would call to be Apostles! They would be the the ones with TRUE GRIT! Jn.1:35-51