Part 14


  1. Israel back as a nation   (in 1948 … after almost 2,500 years … the prophetic clock started ticking). Keep your eyes on Israel!
  2. Jerusalem back under Israel sovereignty (in 1967); a burdensome stone, a cup of trembling.
  3. Iran and its allies threatening war against Israel.
  4. Russia rising . . . and acting as a guard for Syria.
  5. China armed with weapons capable of quickly destroying 1/3 of mankind.
  6. Nations of the ancient Roman Empire reuniting and rising in power (a revised European Union?)
  7. Teachings of false ‘Prophets’ leading and deceiving many.
  8. A generation morally corrupt and filled with violence . . . as in the days of Noah.
  9. Wars and rumors of war . . . nation against nation . . . race against race.
  10. Evil men and women waxing worse and worse . . . lying, deceiving.
  11. Apostate churches and church leaders teaching false doctrine.
  12. Gaza forsaken . . . Jews in Judah uprooted.
  13. Preparing for a Peace Plan that will be enforced upon Israel and will change the world.
  14. Israel and Jerusalem . . . trouble, trouble and more trouble.
  15. ALL nations of the World turning against nation Israel.
  16. Think about the above! If we add them all together, it tells us we are getting closer and closer to the last days . . . the Rapture, which is the next prophesied event, The Judgment Seat of Christ, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, then The Antichrist Revealed, the 7 Year Tribulation Period, Armageddon, Messiah’s Return, The Millennium, The Final Great White Throne Judgment.  . . . YOU decide how close we are!