Part 26

Part 26 A Pastors Opinion!

This article is my opinion about the role of Angels! We know a great deal about angels, the different kinds, the fact of no gender, spirit beings, extremely powerful and intelligent! Angels were created before human beings and have “free will” like us! There is much more, but here’s my point: I believe that Almighty God, our Father, Savior and Holy Spirit, assigns an angel to every child that God knows will accept Jesus! That angel stays with his/her assignment until either God calls them home early or they accept Jesus: at that point the Holy Spirit takes over for all of eternity! I am quite sure my guardian angel has saved me many, many times! A final thought: Every angel and every human being will either accept Jesus or not! My comfort is knowing God is totally in charge all the way!

NOTE: There are Billions upon Billions of angels, two thirds of them follow God Almighty! Praise God! Wouldn’t it be great if human beings had that same percentage of Jesus loving believers!