Part 27

     Part 27 10 Facts About Angels in the Bible

  1. Angels were created by God: Genesis 2:1 refers to the angels as “host”, many angels! Colossians 1:16 Refers to several types of angels!
  2. Angels were created to live for eternity: Luke 20:36- angels, like humans, will live forever, either with or without God! It will depend on receiving or rejecting Jesus! Revelation 4:8 talks of angels being eternal!
  3. Angels were present when God created the world: Job: 38: 1-7 When God created the world the angels shouted with joy!
  4. Angels do not marry: Matthew 22: 30 States clearly people or angels will not marry in Heaven!
  5. Angels are wise and intelligent: Daniel 9:22 states Daniel will have skill and understanding!
  6. Angels take an interest in the salvation of men: Luke 15: 10 states clearly the angels get great joy when a lost sinner repents!
  7. Angels are faster than men: Revelation 14:6 states that angels fly with the Gospel GOOD NEWS!
  8. Angels are spiritual beings: Psalm 104: 4 Angels are spirits!
  9. Angels are not meant to be worshiped: Revelation 19: 10 states clearly only God is worshiped!
  10. Angels are subject to Christ: 1 Peter 3: 22 “… angels and authorities and powers having been made subject to Him.”