Part 34

Part 34 KJB words defined! [more to come]

1. ABASE: To humble; to lower.
2. ABATE: Diminish; lessen; lower intensity.
3. ABBA Aramaic/Hebrew for “father.”
4. ABHOR: Despise; hate; loathe.
5. ACQUIT: To hold guiltless.
6. ADAMANT: A diamond or hard substance.
7. ADJURE: To command; compel; force.
8. AFOOT: By feet; performed by foot.
9. AFORETIME: A previous time.
10. AFRESH: Again; anew.
11. AGAR: Another name for Hagar.
12. AGONE: Gone by; past; ago.
13. AMIABLE: Likable or friendly.
14. ANOINT: To apply oil or ointment.
15. APOSTLE: Missionary or messenger.
16. APOTHECARY: Pharmacist or druggist.
17. ANON: Immediately.
18. ANTICHRIST: One opposed to Christ.
19. ARMHOLES: Armpits.
20. ARRAY: To dress or decorate.
21. ASSWAGE: Cease from anger; calm down.
22. ASTONIED: Astonished or amazed.
23. AVOUCH: Affirm or vouch for.
24. AWAY WITH: Endure or tolerate.
25. AXLETREE(S): Axle of a wheel.
26. BACKBITETH: To speak mean or evil about.
27. BACKBITINGS: Plural of Backbiteth.
28. BADEST: Asked; told; spoke to; said to
29. BARBARIAN(S): Culturally rude or crude.
30. BASE: Low in place or position. (ABASE)
31. BECAME: Was exactly suited for; fitting.
32. BDELLIUM: A fragrant gum
33. BEDSTEAD: Elaborate or rich couch or bed.
34. BELIED: To lie against; to speak falsely.
35. BEMOAN: Lament; express pity for.
36. BERYL: A precious stone.
37. BESEECH: To call upon; appeal; beg; ask.
38. BESOM: A broom or stick used to sweep.
39. BESOUGHT: Entreated; asked; called.
40. BETROTH(ED): To be engaged to be married.
41. BETWIXT: Between the two.
42. BEWITCHED: To fascinate or mislead.
43. BLAINS: Inflamed skin tumors.
44. BLAZE: Proclaim; make known; publish.
45. BLESSED: Happy; receiving of God’s favor
46. BOSSES: Circular swelling; center of a shield.
47. BOTCH: An ulcer.
48. BREACHES: Bays; harbors; creeks.
49. BREECHES: Short legged trousers.
50. BRIGANDINES: A coat of armor.