Section 1

Section 1.

  1. Almighty God does NOT have a birth day! Did you know- He is Eternal! Duet.32:40, 33:27 Psalm 48:14, Isaiah 40:28 and many more!
  2. It took Noah somewhere between 75-120 years to build the ark, Did you know- He and his family spent 378 days on the ark and he died at the age of 950 years old! [1755 B.C. -2705 B.C.] Genesis 6:3.
  3. Only two people that we know of never died! Did you know- Both Elijah and Enoch were taken up to Heaven by God! They have never died! Genesis 5:24 and 2 Kings 2:1.
  4. Mary Magdalene was the first Evangelist! She saw Jesus after His resurrection on Sunday morning. When she ran back to tell the Apostles they didn’t believe her! Peter and John ran to see for themselves! Did you know- At one point in Mary Magdalene’s life she had SEVEN demons inside her! She was cleansed by the saving power of Jesus! Luke 8:1-4, 24:1-12, Mark 16:9 and Matthew 28.
  5. Our Bible was written in three different languages! Did you know- The three languages were Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic! The Old Testament in Hebrew, the spoken language of the day and the New Testament in Greek and Aramaic. Jesus spoke mainly in Aramaic but spoke Hebrew well! [Wikipedia]
  6. One Book in the New Testament doesn’t have an author! Did you know- The Book is Hebrews! Tradition says it was either Paul, Apollos or Barnabas? No one knows but God! [Tradition]
  7. The Bible was written on three different continents! Did you know- They are Asia, Africa and Europe [Wikipedia]