Section 79

Section 79 Family Fun Time- Q & A

  1. What was the first two things that God created?   Light and Sky
  2. Which day did God create plants and man?   Third and Six
  3. How big was the boat Noah built?   450 ft. long, 75 ft. wide, 45 ft. high
  4. How many sons did Noah have on the ark?  Three
  5. How many days were Noah & family on the Ark?  378
  6. Who received the 10 commandments from God?   Moses
  7. What day did God rest?  7th
  8. What was the name of Moses’ brother and sister?  Aaron & Miriam
  9. What food did God feed Israel in the wilderness?  Manna & Quail
  10. How many people lived in the Garden of Eden?  Adam and Eve
  11. Jacob gave the coat of many colors to?   Joseph
  12. Who was thrown into a lions’ den?  Daniel
  13. Who was Jesus’ Mother?   Mary
  14. Who did Jesus say was the greatest prophet? John the Baptist
  15. What animal did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?   A Colt
  16. Who is the Son of God?  Jesus
  17. What was the name of the Apostle who doubted?   Thomas
  18. What did Jesus’ do for Lazarus?  Resurrected him from death
  19. Which son was called the prodigal son?   The youngest son
  20. What is the longest and shortest verse in the Bible? John 11:35, Esther 8:9

Bonus Question- Who wrote the Book Revelation and where did he write it?

The Apostle John, on the Island of Patmos!