Part 17


The Book of Isaiah is filled with symbolic speech and flowing language in general, but we must not think that they represent a world of strange unreality. It does not do this! Instead, Isaiah’s words point to actual circumstances. Someday words such as the following ones will be true: Isaiah 33:5 The LORD is exalted; for he dwelleth on high: he hath filled Zion with judgment and righteousness. (KJV)

Much confusion arises in interpreting Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets. One major problem comes from refusing to see the difference between Israel and the church. So many people deny any future to Israel as a nation and compares the throne of David with God’s Throne in Heaven. It is incredible that those Christians who are eager to claim Israel’s future blessings in the Kingdom Age, are NOT at all willing to accept Israel’s curses and judgments because of sin. All through Isaiah (Isa.9:1-7.11:1-16; 16:5; 55:1-13), he refers to a future King, and always this King is said to fulfill the Davidic covenant and the One who will sit forever on David’s throne.

The only consistent interpretation of the Old Testament is that which takes seriously and accurately the many and sometimes extended Old Testament Passages that speak of Israel’s eternal possession of the land and the throne of David’s eternal occupancy of the throne (Christ Jesus, the Messiah). The fact is, the New Testament opens in just that way, showing that Christ Jesus to be the Fulfiller of both the Abrahamic and the Davidic covenants (Mat.1:1). Only when we follow an accurate interpretation that allows us to recognize dispensational distinctions, can we ever come to an acceptable deduction.