Part 35

Part 35 One Sentence summaries of each Book

Old Testament

  1. Genesis- Book of beginnings: Creation, Life, Man, Sin, Redemption and Israel!
  2. Exodus- Israel delivered from bondage and set apart for service. God used Moses!
  3. Leviticus- The Lord sets standards for Morality, Conduct and Worship for Israel!
  4. Numbers- Israel wanders, the 12 tribes are numbered. Israel was disobedient!
  5. Deuteronomy- The Law reviewed and Moses dies!
  6. Joshua- Entering the Promised Land; conquering and dividing the land!
  7. Judges- History of the 15 Judges of Israel!
  8. Ruth- The story of Love and Devotion through Ruth, Naomi and Boaz!
  9. 1st Samuel- The end of the Judges and the beginning of the kings, Saul and David!
  10. 2nd Samuel- The establishment of David as King of Israel!
  11. 1st Kings- Solomon as King, Elijah and Ahab as King!
  12. 2nd Kings- History of Divided Kingdom!
  13. 1st Chronicles- The History of Israel from Saul’s death to the Babylonian Captivity!
  14. 2nd Chronicles- Solomon’s Temple built, Hezekiah and the Destruction of Jerusalem!
  15. Ezra- The rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem!
  16. Nehemiah- The rebuilding of the walls in Jerusalem!
  17. Esther- Esther saves the Jewish exiles!
  18. Job- A man of Faith, attacked by Satan, never denies God
  19. Psalms- Songs and Psalms of Thanksgiving, Praise, Salvation and The Coming Messiah!
  20. Proverbs- Advise and wisdom concerning the proper way to serve God!
  21. Ecclesiastes- The problem of living a materialistic life!
  22. Song of Solomon- A deeper love between a man and a woman!
  23. Isaiah- The prophecies of rebellious Israel and the Coming Messiah!
  24. Jeremiah- The prophecies of Judah and the surrounding nations!
  25. Lamentations- Five poems of grief over the condition of Jerusalem!
  26. Ezekiel- Ezekiel’s call to be a watchman and prophecies about God!
  27. Daniel- The exile, faith and visions of the future End Times!
  28. Hosea- God’s love revealed through Hosea’s unfaithful wife!
  29. Joel- God’s judgment through a plague of locusts!
  30. Amos- God’s judgment and prophecies of the Coming Messiah and redemption!
  31. Obadiah- The Edomite’s defeated and deliverance of Zion!
  32. Jonah- His call, rebellion, repentance and the revival of Nineveh!
  33. Micah- The reproach, punishment, hope and promise of God!
  34. Nahum- The prophecies of the Lord Coming in judgment and the fall of Nineveh!
  35. Habakkuk- The prophet of Faith!
  36. Zephaniah- Prophecy of God’s about the nations and restoration of a remnant!
  37. Haggai- The building of the Temple of Zerubbabel!
  38. Zechariah- Eight visions and coming restoration of Jerusalem!
  39. Malachi- The prophecies of John the Baptist and the Coming Messiah!

New Testament

  1. Matthew- Jesus is the fulfillment of the Messiah Prophecies!
  2. Mark- The Ministry of Jesus on earth as the Son of God!
  3. Luke- Jesus is the Son of God even to the Gentile World!
  4. John- Jesus is the Living Word of God and God’s plan of Salvation!
  5. Acts- The Ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Church begins!
  6. Romans- The righteousness of God revealed! How to Confess, Receive and Believe!
  7. 1st Corinthians- How to live within God’s Church!
  8. 2nd Corinthians- The perils of Christian Living and how to be God’s children!
  9. Galatians- Faith not Laws!
  10. Ephesians- The Church is the Body of Christ! We are saved by Grace through Faith!
  11. Philippians- Joy will come to Believers even through the stress of Life!
  12. Colossians- Christ should come first in our life! Our Conduct should be His Way!
  13. 1st Thessalonians- Practical Christian living looking to the Rapture!
  14. 2nd Thessalonians- Christian conduct and looking to the Rapture & Second Coming!
  15. 1st Timothy- Instruction about how a minister should conduct God’s Ministry!
  16. 2nd Timothy- Showing a young minister how to hold fast to the Bible Truth!
  17. Titus- Ministers learn how to live proper lives and teaching believers!
  18. Philemon- Teaching forgiveness and proper conduct to all!
  19. Hebrews- Teaches how to endure persecution and showing Jesus’ superiority!
  20. James- Faith through proper Christian conduct! Works after salvation!
  21. 1st Peter- Demonstrates in spite of troubles living for Jesus is best!
  22. 2nd Peter- teaches to beware of false teachings and look to Jesus’ coming!
  23. 1st John- Stay with Jesus through life and He will save your Soul!
  24. 2nd John- Christian truth and Christian love!
  25. 3rd John- Work very hard for Christian purity and Christian fellowship!
  26. Jude- Warning against false teachings and doctrines!
  27. Revelation- The revealing of Jesus and the End Times to come!